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Acts 17
by Sara Gillepsie on May 10th, 2023
I sat on one side of a large square table in an executive room suite on the top floor of a building. On three walls of the room were projectors and screens, while the fourth wall was a floor to ceiling window overlooking the city landscape. As the players in the room introduced themselves, there was a chief executive officer (CEO), a CFO, a CMO, and loads of other top leaders within the organizati...  Read More
Day 1 - Palm Sunday
by Sara Gillepsie on April 2nd, 2023
Jesus knew exactly what he was doing.  It was the Passover, and as more than 100,000 Jews made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate, Jesus and his disciples were among them. Jesus, however, knew what was coming. He knew the leaders were ready to put him to death in order to preserve their way of life and their understanding of the Scriptures.But instead of hiding, Jesus did the exact opposite....  Read More
Acts 8
by Sara Gillepsie on February 22nd, 2023
Murderers and sorcerers and eunuchs, oh my! Acts 8 is an interesting chapter to stumble upon as the new body of Christ, the church, continues to grow.It begins with the murderer, Saul, who not only oversaw the stoning of Stephen, but was so convicted of his cause and defending how he and the other Jewish leaders interpreted the Scriptures that he was willing to throw men and women into prison to s...  Read More
Acts 4
by Sara Gillepsie on January 25th, 2023
Acts 4 contains a passage that I go back to again and again in my own spiritual journey, because I long to be seen by others in the way Peter and John were seen by the leaders of the Jewish council.As the story goes, in Acts 3, Peter and John healed a lame beggar who had been lame his whole life and who had been begging at the temple gate for as long as anyone can remember. Those that frequented t...  Read More
Acts 3
by Sara Gillepsie on January 18th, 2023
With the resurrection of Jesus and the blessing of the Holy Spirit poured out on the disciples, the new body of Christ that we refer to as the church, is born. In Acts chapter 3, we continue to see what happens when this occurs and apparently, it involves dancing.I grew up in a faith tradition that frowned upon dancing, which is sad because the result for me was a tall, lanky, uncoordinated man wh...  Read More