Your Donations Matter

At our first international gathering in the city of Atlanta back in 2011, our only source of income was a combination of donors and the registration fees from the gathering. There was one donor who literally paid the hotel balance of just a little over $2,000 and that is how 172 people from all over the world gathered and began the first chapter.  That donation led to countless people across the globe re-discovering how to make Jesus. All., a reality in their lives.

We have entered into chapter two and move forward relying on your donations, partners and the registration from the gatherings to build the resources and create the space that is worthy of lifting up Jesus. All.

Thank you for giving to the One project.

You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your gifts to the One project as we are registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) our charity EIN 47-5638974.

Mail a cheque

We also appreciate that you may wish to write a cheque instead of using your debit or credit card.
Please make the cheques payable to the One project
Place in the memo line any specific area you wish to support.
Mail the cheque to: the One project, 1312 17th Street, Suite 753, Denver CO 80202 

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