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February 2020, marked a decade of gatherings, and second chapter in the story of the One project. The focus of the gathering was the Great Disruption – Jesus' unprecedented confrontation with politics, theology, and belonging. Andreas Beccai
, Alex Bryan
, Japhet De Oliveira, 
Lisa Clark Diller, 
Tim Gillespie
, Sam Leonor
, Paddy McCoy, 
Tacyana Nixon, and 
Iki Taimi all shared a major challenge which was captured in the Digital Access Pass.

We also included the Voices of Hope with Ashok Willmott, Emily Ellis, Katie Wagner, Tommy Tamaleaa, Niq Ruud, and Angel Castillo. Finally, not seen anywhere else but recorded on location during the gathering were eight ministry insights from Tim Gillespie, J. Murdock, Joyce Newmyer, Nick Zork, Sam Leonor, Tiago Arrais, Alex Bryan and Elia King and four candid and personal Jesus. All. stories from Zachary, Cory, William and Vanessa.

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