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William Johnsson,

Bill was an incredible friend and supporter of the One project.  Not only did he mentor and encourage many of the founders and speakers of the One project, he also spoke and wrote often in support of their work.  He attended many of the gatherings and was a speaker on several of those occasions.   The work he did to keep the Adventist Church firmly planted in Jesus will be the lasting legacy he leaves for generations to come.  He will be greatly missed.

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Weekly Commentary on the Book of Acts

Welcome to the exciting reality of the book of Acts. It is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who want a faith that is stagnant and boring. We are introduced to the book of Acts through the “former” or “first” book; the Gospel of Luke.
In Acts, we are now confronted with the fact that the Holy Spirit has been given, and because of that gift, we are in for quite a ride. . . 
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The Saltworks Podcast is back!  We are excited about the new year and a new focus.  Join us as we study the book of Acts.  These weekly discussions will be lead by Japhet De Oliveira and Joyce Newmyer, and our panel will include familiar faces as well as a few new.  We can't wait to go on this journey together.  We hope you will join us.   


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The Gospel of John Podcast is a unique immersive presentation of this book of the Bible, with multiple characters, digital soundtrack, music and sound effects, to really bring the words alive.  Recorded using the English Standard Version.  
This podcast can be used as a companion to our ReDefine group study podcast, which takes a deep dive into the book of John - available in both video and audio formats.  


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