Acts 9


Have you ever questioned or been unsure of something?

Acts 9 recounts the conversion of Saul on the way to Damascus. As Saul faced and spoke with Jesus, the companions with him could not see what was happening. However, they could hear. As Saul is not able to see, they continued with and guided him as he followed the words of God (Acts 9:7-8).

Then came the conversation between Ananias and the Lord regarding Saul. Ananias heard the worst about Saul. He reminded God of the worst things Saul had done or could do. And yet God asked him to go and affirm His purpose in Saul’s life (Acts 9:10-16). Ananias saw the evil; the Lord saw the potential and purpose. Ananias did go and affirmed to Saul the presence of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 9:15-19)

As Saul began his work in Damascus the believers were alarmed and questioned Him compared to what they have heard about him (Acts 9:21). Even in Jerusalem the disciples did not easily welcome or trust him (Acts 9:26). Except for Barnabas. In Acts 9:26-27 we read that Barnabas advocated for Saul and shares Saul’s story and what Saul has done for God. 
It’s interesting that in this chapter’s narrative of Saul’s encounter with Jesus and conversion, the actions of others are included. The companions, Ananias, and Barnabas all play a part in this conversion story. Though it didn’t make sense to them in the moment, or it countered what they thought is wise, these others came along side Saul as his life is literally changed.

What could it mean for us to guide people following a life changing experience with Jesus? What does it mean to affirm the presence of the Holy Spirit as people’s (including ourselves) lives are changed because of Jesus? What could sharing our story of God’s power bring to moments of clarity and potential?

People encounter Jesus every day. We encounter Jesus every day. These moments have life-changing power and opportunity. We see in Saul’s story the power of guidance, affirmation, and advocacy. As followers of Jesus, we encounter and journey with each other, experiencing His call and life-changing power.

May our journey together reflect the grace and presence of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives.

By Katie Wagner

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