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Day 8 - Easter Sunday
by Sara Gillepsie on April 9th, 2023
It’s dark... Looming in blackness is the sting of a bitter loss that only darkness understands. As she approaches the tomb the cool air sends goosebumps down her body, and the chilling reality of a lost hope causes her to shiver. There is a knot at the bottom of her soul as she prepares her heart for what she might find in the tomb.Nothing….Awaits her there. She arrived, afraid, cold, and full of ...  Read More
Day 7 - Saturday
by Sara Gillepsie on April 8th, 2023
This Changes Everything “The afterlife, whether it is a Darwinian determinism which leads to a tragic pessimism, the strange mix of New Age religion and postmodern pop-psychology that fills daytime television, the philosophical nihilism that advocates unbridled hedonism as life’s only purpose, the Marxist or materialist vision that says the best we can hope for is an economic utopia, or even the c...  Read More
Day 6 - Friday
by Sara Gillepsie on April 7th, 2023
Good Friday. I have always thought that this is just the worst name for this day. It seems to me like there was very little good that really happened on that day. In fact, it was actually known by many other names; Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, and Black Friday. Obviously, landing on the nomenclature of Good Friday has taken a while.But we do know why it was good. It led to the...  Read More
Day 1 - Palm Sunday
by Sara Gillepsie on April 2nd, 2023
Jesus knew exactly what he was doing.  It was the Passover, and as more than 100,000 Jews made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate, Jesus and his disciples were among them. Jesus, however, knew what was coming. He knew the leaders were ready to put him to death in order to preserve their way of life and their understanding of the Scriptures.But instead of hiding, Jesus did the exact opposite....  Read More