Jesus, the Heart of Evangelism

Sam Leonor

1. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “evangelism”? Describe your experience with Adventist evangelism. What practices honored Jesus? Were there some methods that should not be repeated?

2. Think of the person you are closest to that is a convert to Adventism. How did that person become Adventist? What was it that convinced that person? How did Jesus feature in that conversion process? Was He important in the process, or was He peripheral to distinctive Adventist doctrines? If that person is you, briefly share your journey into Adventism.

3. Research shows that the vast majority of people who join our church do so because of friendships/ personal connections with Adventists. What is the next most effective tool our church uses now for attracting people to our message? If Jesus Himself were helping us design our evangelism programs, how would they change? How would they stay the same?

4. Think of the church you attend now. What would the following people say about what we (Adventists) believe about Jesus if they attended a worship service this coming Sabbath: a person who has never attended church, a member of another denomination, a rebellious teenager, a single mother, a Catholic, a gay/lesbian couple?