The Journey

We Started...

the One Project in a Denver hotel room as a small group of friends; Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira, Tim Gillespie, Dany Hernandez, Eddie Hypolite, Sam Leonor, and Terry Swenson. We were pretty exhausted and seeking something resembling a personal and meaningful answer to the question: Why does Christianity matter? We left as brothers—renewed, directed, and inspired by the true answer to the question why. That answer, for us, is summed up in the phrase Jesus. All.

It turned out that lots of other people felt the same way. Many people also wanted to make Jesus central in their lives and to find a meaningful way to live their faith in community, making a difference and becoming stronger disciples. Just as God assured Elijah (1 Kings 19:18) that he was not alone, so we discovered that there are countless others who share our passion. Who heard that sacred echo. That was evident at the first One project gathering we held here in Atlanta in 2011—with 172 people.

We Discovered...

We discovered, that we’re serious about Jesus. For the next 8 years our first chapter of this story was filled with a living vision in Jesus. When we gathered we believed that every moment would be used to build new or refresh old community. We believed that, just as we were experiencing others too would leave the gatherings knowing Jesus. All.  We vowed that we were  committed to the idea that a Jesus-driven, Jesus-bathed, Jesus-backed, Jesus-led, Jesus-filled, Jesus-powered, all-about-Jesus Adventist Church is the uncompromising directive from our past, the joy of our present, and hope for our future. We claimed the Primal Adventist Impulse: a longing to be with Jesus.   We are so thankful to the brothers and sisters who gave of their love and wisdom, powered by the Spirit of God to shape the lives of thousands upon thousands around the globe and served on our boards and advisories. To the board and advisories, to the partners and donors, to the worship creatives and designers, to the writers and artists, to the teachers and thinkers, to preachers and speakers, to the kids and believers, we discovered the beauty of Jesus. All., spoken of and followed.

Download below our final gathering journal from San Diego 2018. 

We Create...

We create today as we enter into chapter two, with the promise that reverberates deep in our heart. To join others and lift up Jesus. All., means that we must never stop creating.

Create fresh memories
Create alternative ways to connect
Create new routines
Create beautiful art
Create good sounds
Create words of joy
Create music
Create new menus
Create new paradigms
Create radical frameworks
Create inquisitive theologians
Create deeper friendships
Create more passion
Create true freedom
Create safe spaces
Create free journeys
Create unprecedented conversations 

Create and cultivate all that is within your ability as a child of God.

With that in mind, the One project will curate and bring creative options forward, inspired by the One within whom everything is held together.

And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. - Colossians 1:17 (ESV)