The son of man didn’t come to be waited on. He came to be the servant...

Mark 10:45

If you ask anyone, that has created something of value in your own life, you will find that it is because someone helped them in their own life. We were made to live in community. We were made to love and create. We were made to care and serve. Accepting help and giving help are both difficult in  their own way. They are both essential. Today it is on you to decide how and where you can give. 

Let me serve...

Jesus has blessed you with unique gifts.



Serve your local church and community. We all belong to local churches, and have either led them or currently lead them. Use your gifts and serve locally is the primary call. 

Like us, you know if you have the capacity, if you a deeper call to extend your local  gifts across the planet. We need you. Jesus has wired you for more. You were made for more. Sign up below and help us forge a new way.