Stay the Course

Japhet De Oliveira

Focus Verse
"And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another." Matthew 24:10 (ESV)

Recalibrate Questions:
+ Paddy talked about the third way. Japhet is now speaking of that same way - love vs. hate, kindness vs. anger, belonging vs. betrayal. Where do we see that third way living and breathing today?
+ This is a gathering open to people all over the world. Hate and anger exist and persist all over the world, and have for thousands of years. Why then did Jesus name this as part of the sign of the beginning of the end?
+ What question do you want Jesus to ask you?
+ What question from Jesus are you avoiding?
+ What is something that you have had to let go?
+ Who in your life, have you resisted reconciliation?
+ What noises are you following?
+ Who do you need to sit down and talk with?
+ How do you let go of the pain and hatred to start a conversation?
+ Are we truly following Jesus or are we just against each other?
+ Where does all our hatred come from?
+ What lingers under the conflicts we have with our siblings, parents, children, partners? How much better would our tensions be, if we loved people?
+ Why should followers of Jesus push against the “Protestant work ethic?” How has that practiced negatively affected your relationship to Jesus your view of those less fortunate and your overall capacity for empathy?
+ Why do we draw and create unnecessary lines in the sand?
+ Why do we lose our faith?
+ When will we recognize that we can destroy people’s lives with our words and that our words matter, now more than ever before?
+ What is the one solution?