S1 E3 | Mark 1:21-45 | "The Battle Begins"

Apr 29, 2024    Josh Stothers, Josh Carnie

"Good Morning Eden" is a new podcast from two young pastors from Sydney, Australia; Josh Stothers and Josh Carnie. Their aim is to improve our understanding of the Bible and to help you follow God in your own journey. It's a podcast about seeing things the way God saw them in the original Garden of Eden - the first series will be an exploration of the gospel of Mark.


Like the disciples came and wanted people to come see more of Jesus miracles, have you been wanting Jesus hand more than his word?

•What would it look like for you to take moments of silence and solitude to connect with God?

•Who are the outcasts in our world today that we as those who bear the name of Christ are called to?