S1 E5 | Mark 2:18-28, 3:1-6 | "Conflicts & Controversies Pt 2"

May 13, 2024    Joshua Stothers, Joshua Carnie

"Good Morning Eden" is a new podcast from two young pastors from Sydney, Australia; Josh Stothers and Josh Carnie. Their aim is to improve our understanding of the Bible and to help you follow God in your own journey. It's a podcast about seeing things the way God saw them in the original Garden of Eden - the first series will be an exploration of the gospel of Mark.


•What’s your withered hand keeping you from community or making you feel like you need to be distant from God? Are there areas in your life where you need to focus less on rules and more on relationships. 

•Is there any part of you clinging to mindless religious like the pharisees instead of caring for people like Jesus? 

•In what sense can you recapture the true spirit of the sabbath without falling into legalism.