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The ancient way shared in the first testament, was that when humans walked with God, they had the privilege and joy to engage in direct face to face conversations. Our choices past and present have created unnecessary barriers and at times warped images of the character of God. Our call is to tell the good news about God. That the Father, Son and Spirit are all beautiful and want nothing more than for humanity to be restored and the universe to be a peace again. We have as our primary source the current collection of sixty-six books, gathered into the first and second testament, under cover name – Bible. Seeking the character of God through those pages with the foundational belief that God is Love, calls on all of us to unearth, grapple, reflect through the ages of all those before us who have done the same. To pray for the Spirit of God to lead us into all truth, and that truth may be etched deep into the canvas our most creative elements. For then, and only then will we live in trust and joy through the unknown. Only then will our faith expand. Only then will our compassion extend. Only then will our action engage. Only then will our walk become eternal.

We believe that until Jesus returns to restore this world, we owe it to those before us, around us and in the future to delve deeper. To that end, what follows is the start of growing list of insights into Scripture.

Complete Bible Commentaries

New Testament Commentaries

Old Testament Commentaries

The Gospels

  • What the Gospels Meant by Garry Wills
  • Matthew A Commentary, Volume 1 by Fredrick Dale Bruner
  • Matthew A Commentary, Volume 2 by Fredrick Dale Bruner
  • The Gospel of John: A Commentary by Frederick Dale Bruner
  • The Acts of the Apostles by Ellen G. White


Individual Commentaries and  Insights

Preaching & Ministry