"And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. " Matthew 24:11 ESV
1.  Anything counterfeit can be recognized if you know the original - if you’ve studied it so well that a fake is clear.  If we know Jesus, The Source, why do we worry about not recognizing false prophets?

2.  Disinformation is rampant.  It is intentional and designed to deceive.  Dilys said that 2020 has shown us we can’t keep doing things the way we’re doing them.  She challenged us to get in The Word.  What else must we do differently?

“We are  so focussed on the end, we miss the journey.”


1. have a portion of (something) with another or others.
WATCH // The Bible Project — Matthew 1-13
WATCH // The Bible Project — Matthew 14-28
MUSIC // Leeland — 'Waymaker'
I love the lyrics of this worship song, and I love to play it loud and worship hard to this one! This official music video has a neat story at the beginning, about resisting the kingdoms of this world, and declaring Jesus’ Lordship over all. This is a good one to play loud in your lounge room when the ‘increased wickedness’ is overwhelming!

WATCH // The Art Forger who Tricked the Nazis
Dilys shared about counterfeits and this true story about art forgery is fascinating! How can we spot a counterfeit?

Let's get to know the Original.

READ // Book Recommendations
  • Saying No to God — Matthew Korpman
  • Inspired — Rachel Held Evans
  • Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context — David P. Gushee and Glen Stassen
  • Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels — Kenneth E. Bailey

WATCH // God's Story — Abraham and Sarah
MUSIC // Marvin Gaye + Tammi Terrell — 'Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing' 
These lyrics say it all.  I have no idea who  Marvin and Tammi are thinking about when they are singing this song. When I listen to this song, all I hear is "there is nothing like the real thing" and the real thing is Jesus. Jesus is the original real thing and once you've felt his love in the depths of your soul, ain't nothing like the real thing.
SEE // It's Not What It Looks Like...
What does being like Jesus in the world look like?
Being authentic.
Seeking truth.
Give voice to things that are true... God is love. Jesus’ way is different. We want to be the REAL THING!

Here's some things that look like the real thing but are not.
This chef makes food look different. It’s like optical illusions, but you can eat them.

These animals are camouflaged to look like leaves.


1. form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create.
2. cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.
MAKE // A Timeline
Dilys outlines the story of humanity and God’s journey with us. She walks us through the story of the Bible and God’s faithfulness to His people. Draw a timeline of your life. Can you look back over the story and see times when God was leading, comforting or intervening? Where has God been faithful in your own story?
MAKE // Carrot Hotdogs!
It’s fun to make food look like something it’s not.
You can try these recipes:


1. make an attempt or effort to do something. Use, test, or do (something new or different) in order to see if it is suitable, effective, or pleasant.
TRY // An Obstacle Course.
You can make up your own or find one of those ninja warrior gyms and see if you can stay the course.
It is easy to give up, trip up, get stuck or get misdirected. Stay the course attempt one obstacle at a time and keep going even if you make a mess along the way. 
Know that in the obstacle course of our life the holy spirit is our life coach. Recognize his voice, follow his lead and stay the course.


1. engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation
PLAY // Jenga
Dilys talks about disruption, and Jesus speaking about the temple being destroyed and the disciples wondering when this will all happen. She says “we all want to know what will happen next.”

Have you ever played Jenga, or one of those tumbling tower games? Just like Dilys says ‘Wait! Wait for it!’ when we play this game, we watch as things become more and more unsteady, we sit nervously, studying every move, and wishing we knew when it would all crumble! Tensions run high, everyone gives advice about strategy, and still, we are nearly always surprised when the tower falls! Play this game with friends or family, and then discuss.
PLAY // Two Truths and a Lie
Have you ever played ‘Two truths and a lie’?  With a group of friends, take a few minutes to  each share three statements about yourself. Two must be truths, and one must be false.  For example, “I love brussel sprouts, I’ve never broken any bones, and I have two older brothers”.  Can your friends figure out which one is false?