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The Gospel of John: TODAY

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Welcome to the John Project. The full invitation is below and you are invited to considering joining the adventure.
The John project ReDEFINE team stream live each week starting again January 20, 2021.   Our hope is that as our team grows, we will have further teams developing related resources.
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Welcome to the John project. Together, over the next few months we are going to build several teams with people around the world interested in taking the Gospel of John and creating, sermons, devotionals, connect group materials, art, music, leadership development, just to name a few. We need each other to make this possible. If you  find this as valuable as we do and are interested in shaping this to become a leader or join a team please fill in the quick form below.  If you want to support us in making this free for everyone, please donate to the One project.

Let the adventure begin...