Connect Groups


We belong to Connect Groups.

Not just one, more than one. A connect group, is literally where two or three are gathered together. As you read that description, we of course are hoping that it triggers a memory to the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:20. The wisdom and encouragement to meet together is essential and the Spirit of God will be present. Every Christian tribe has a different name for what they call these groups. Within the Adventist Church, these are often traditionally called Sabbath School. As educational paradigms have shifted so should our language. A healthy connect group means that you connect with God and with each other. The love and wisdom from Jesus (Philippians 1) will transform your life. It will make your stronger in your walk with Jesus. 

Need a Connect Group?

The best place to find a connect group is at your local Church. If for some strange reason they don't have one, find the Pastor and learn how to start a Connect Group. If you need materials, click on our Past Gatherings for content or read the Bible Study guide. We are in the process of developing several Connect Group resources for every age. If you are interested in helping volunteer and join that team, reach out to Japhet De Oliveira.